Sunday, December 19, 2010


For her  life was like a fairy tale. Everything had its own rhythm.She lived her life hearing the symphony of nature, admiring the beauty of every tiny thing which she saw around her. Her small glowing eyes always searched for happiness, she found it everywhere and she spread the happiness in her world. As she started knowing the world ,slowly  her eyes lost its glow and the sadness started hiding in the depth of her beautiful eyes. The distance between her and her happiness increased. She never let the world know how badly a broken heart hurts and she learned how to smile to make others believe that she is happy and to cry to her pillow secretly. The pain waited with the light and came out and screamed at her in the dark. Her heart was broken in to pieces,still with every  single piece she tried to love the same world with the innocence of a small child. She knew that it is hard to live without a hope. She is still waiting for a new beginning like a new bright morning following every dark night.


  1. nice...some mistakes r dere , but still well written, coz dose mistakes don't matter , feelings matter more...:P

  2. hoi nannai undu.ella asamsakalum.