Tuesday, October 18, 2016

There is a happy land far far away ...

In that dark chilling night, the trees stood shivering. Inside his concrete mansion Saabji was fast asleep. “There is a happy land far far away”, her voice echoed around the corner. After all these years, after witnessing all these massacre she is still humming that song. still hoping to be there.
Sometimes madness and faded memories helps in escaping the brutal reality. In a place where people kill one another for the sake of believes, for their gods, even for an animal, who is sane and who is insane.

Her voice disturbed Saabji’s sleep. He shouldn’t be disturbed. He is the one who is writing the future of this country. Guards threw stones at her. As she ran away ,abusive words followed. She is not a wandering cow, otherwise they might have treated her with respect. She is not even a street dog, otherwise some animal lover/activist might have showed up to fight for her rights. She is just a woman.

She walked slowly towards the park. Blowing wind attacked her weak body ferociously. Still her lips formed the words. Happy land..far..far.. away..
The fire burning at the corner of the park invited her. But she couldn’t see the hidden demons in that dancing flames.

The next morning when park was being cleaned, that wretched tiny creature didn’t invited much attention. But her eyes where bright. It was like she is still in a dream.
“There is a happy land far far away
Bright in that happy land beams every eye”
Cleaning lady just closed her eyes. A shabby white cloth covered her dignity.

Saabji was standing in his balcony. The view was refreshing. Greenery, fresh air and mist. He noticed the park bench is empty. He felt content. His land is progressing. That homeless is no more sleeping on that park bench and the place is shining. Spotlessly clean.

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