Sunday, December 19, 2010

A forgotten soul

One day she stopped talking to all
Everybody wondered what happened,
To their charming princess
They concluded she is dying in his memories
But she knew the truth
She is living with his memories…

In the dark silent nights
When she looked at  the sky
The lonely stars brought her,                                              
 the memories of every wish
she made to see him happy.
The colours of the morning brought her,
The memories of the lost colours of her life.
The shiny afternoons brought her,
 the memories of his shiny smile.

He was sad ,alone.
She entered his world
Brightened it up with her charm.
She took away his sadness,
She gave her beautiful smile to him
To see him happy.
Now her world is empty with out him
She is falling apart.
Now his sadness is with her
He left with her smile….


  1. who is forgotten soul here nd y, explain...:P

  2. hey only imagination..... and it is about every girl who cursed to pass through this stage once in her life

  3. But i didn't get hw r u relating dis title wid dis poem...:p

  4. she is d forgotten soul dear.. forgotten by her loved one

  5. well..this one is really good...

  6. hei dear imagination eniyum avam. kooduthal postukal pratheekshikkunnu.